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A turning point in our evolution into a next-gen department store group
An opportune moment for group-wide reform

The Takashimaya Group has reached a turning point in its journey to become a next-generation department store group.

As part of this journey, we are pursuing our general strategy, the “Machi-dukuri” Strategy, under which we seek to maximize the appeal of our department store buildings and ensure that each of our stores plays its role as an anchor of the community it serves. Alongside this, we are integrating our department stores with specialty stores, our online stores with bricks-and-mortar stores, and our domestic businesses with overseas businesses. This comprehensive integration of corporate resources is part of our drive to put the customer first in all our corporate activities.

The “Machi-dukuri” Strategy will be underpinned by a group-wide digital transformation called the Group Reform Project. This project will streamline business processes and enable us to generate and offer new value that will exceed customers’ expectations.

Next year, the Paris Agreement will enter into force, and in the run-up to this event, we are seeing a global groundswell of support for action against climate change. In keeping with this trend, we will reshape our corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and set our key CSR tasks at the very heart of our corporate strategy. By addressing social issues, we will contribute to our sustained corporate growth.

Our management philosophy is to “Putting People First.” Our Corporate Message is “New Yet Unchanging.” With the business climate as tough as ever, this is the most opportune time to push forward with our group-wide reform. We believe in listening to our customers and addressing their needs swiftly, and we will act with integrity in all our corporate activities. I look forward to your continued support and confidence in the years ahead.

March 2019
Yoshio Murata, President