Investor Relations

Disclosure Policy

Basic Principles
In line with our management principle to always put people first, the Takashimaya group strives to continually contribute to society by valuing the spirit of believing in people, loving people, and serving people. Likewise, we aim to be fair and transparent in the way we disclose information, as we understand that such disclosure will benefit our shareholders, investors, customers, employees, trading partners, local communities, and all other stakeholders.
Standards for Information Disclosure
We disclose information fairly, transparently, and accurately as required by law and the rules of the exchange on which we are listed. In addition to such mandatory disclosure, we actively disclose material information (information that is essential to forming an accurate understanding of the company) to stakeholders and the general public.
Fair Disclosure
We disclose information fairly, not selectively. In other words, we do not prioritize certain individuals or organizations when disclosing information.
Method of Disclosure
When we disclose information in compliance with legislation or the listing rules, we adopt the disclosure method stipulated in the relevant law or the listing rules. When we disclose information voluntarily because we think it would promote an accurate understanding of the company, we post the information on our website, announce it at a press conference, issue a news release, or disclose it by another method we deem appropriate.
Forward-Looking Statements
Some of the information we disclose contains forward-looking statements. While forward-looking statements are based on information we accessed and what we believe to be reasonable assumptions, we offer no guarantee that they will prove to be accurate. Actual results or events could differ substantially from those forecasted in such statements for a number of reasons.
Internal Procedures
We are committed to developing and refining internal procedures for ensuring proper disclosure.
Quiet Period
To prevent unauthorized disclosure in the run-up to an earnings announcement (which would contradict the principle of fair disclosure), we observe a "quiet period" for a certain period of time prior the announcement. During quiet periods, we refrain from communicating our financial results or any information related to such.
About the Rules
These disclosure rules are to be strictly observed by the executive management team and by all those who manage the company's business operations. Any revisions to these rules must be reported to the Board of Directors.